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Business Succession Planning


Are you a closely-held business owner? Are you a general or limited partner in a partnership? If so, have you considered what will happen to the business if you are unable to work anymore, whether due to death, disability or retirement? Are you concerned about the distribution of your estate between children who work in the family business and those who do not?

The knowledgeable and experienced attorneys at McLaughlin & Zerafa will help guide you through the planning process for the seamless transition of your business ownership from one generation to the next. Carefully drafted Buy-Sell Agreements, Operating Agreements or Partnership Agreements, can provide for the stability and continuity of the family business. We work with your other advisors to create a custom tailored business succession plan that makes sense for your business and for your family.

The attorneys at McLaughlin & Zerafa work closely with clients, whether they are business owners looking to consolidate business operations, perhaps through the use of a Family Limited Partnership, fiduciaries of estates or trusts looking to maximize deductions and increase principal and income to distribute to beneficiaries, individual clients looking to either minimize estate taxes through charitable planning or the creation of a private foundation, or, maximize asset preservation through Elder Law / Medicaid Planning, the attorneys at McLaughlin & Zerafa will work with you to design a plan to best meet your goals.

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