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Caring for loved ones when they have become incapacitated can be a complicated and emotionally draining affair. Unfortunately, it is often necessary because, left to their own devices, incapacitated loved ones can jeopardize their own health and financial well-being.

The guardianship attorneys at McLaughlin & Zerafa have the experience and compassion to help guide you through the guardianship process.

No two guardianship applications are alike, and the guardianship attorneys at McLaughlin & Zerafa will carefully tailor a guardianship petition to fit the needs of the incapacitated person.

    We have a great deal of experience in dealing with guardianships, of varying types, including:
  • Adult children seeking guardianship over parents who can no longer care for themselves;
  • Parents of children who were injured at birth, during medical procedures or in accidents;
  • Parents of children with autism and other disabilities who are seeking guardianship before the child turns eighteen (18) and is no longer a minor.

The granting of guardianship over another is not something that the Courts take lightly, and neither should you. The experienced guardianship attorneys at McLaughlin & Zerafa can advise you on your powers, your rights and your responsibilities if you believe that a loved one is in need of guardianship.

Occasionally family members are not in agreement as to who would be the best guardian or if there is even a need for guardianship. Let the guardianship attorneys at McLaughlin & Zerafa represent you in the process and advocate your position to the Court.

    In addition to petitioning the Court for guardianship, we also petition the Court for other relief as necessary by the circumstances, including:
  • Petitioning the Court for the use of Guardianship funds for the purchase of handicap accessible transportation or even the renovation or purchase of a handicap accessible home for your disabled family member; and
  • The creation of a Court-approved Special Needs Trust for your disabled family member

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