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Probate and Estate Administration


When a loved one passes away, the Probate and Estate Administration attorneys at McLaughlin & Zerafa are experienced in representing and working with the family of a Decedent and guiding them through the Probate and Estate Administration process.

If an individual dies with a Will, our attorneys will assist the Executor through the Surrogate’s Court Probate and Estate Administration process, including petitioning the Court to appoint an Executor and grant Letters Testamentary, obtaining asset valuations, gathering the Decedent’s assets, establishing an estate bank account, preparing and filing of estate tax returns and possible payment of estate taxes as well as the eventual distribution of the Decedent’s estate in accordance with the terms of the Will.

If an individual dies without a Will (intestate), his or her assets would pass through intestate succession. Our Probate and Estate Administration attorneys will guide the Administrator through a process known in the Courts as an Administration Proceeding.

Even estates of Decedents that had a Revocable Living Trust require that the trust be administered and possible estate tax returns prepared and filed. Our Probate and Estate Administration attorneys will assist the Trustees in carrying out the terms of the Trust, whether it is continued management of the Trust or distribution of its principal.

Our caring and committed Probate and Estate Administration attorneys work with the Executors and/or Trustees, in navigating their fiduciary duties during all phases of the administration process.

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