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Contact By Email or Mail


To contact us via the United States Postal Service please write to:

McLaughlin & Zerafa, LLP
Attorneys At Law
1 North Lexington Avenue, 11th Floor
White Plains, New York 10601

Contact By Phone or Fax


We can be reached by telephone simply by calling 914-358-6700.
If you would like to contact us by fax please use 914-831-1266.

Community Services


If you would like one of the attorneys at McLaughlin & Zerafa to speak to you, or be a guest speaker at an event, whether it be at a community center, senior center, nursing home, library, place of worship, financial center, or in your own home, please feel free to contact us at (914) 358-6700 or email us mc@mzlawllp.com.


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